Articles by Jennifer Coburn

Jen Coburn and Aunt Bernice
"The Tossed Diaries" - Washington Post

"On Mother’s Day, Consider the Gift of Sharing Time"

"Lost in Spain's Dalí Triangle"

"My week as the helicopter cupid"

"Her breakup, my heartbreak"

"Sweet Cookies and Salty Nuns"

Jennifer Coburn and Katie Travels
"Mother-Daughter Travel Can be a Trial or Treat"

"The Decline of Chick-Lit"

"You're never too old to play dress-up"

"Lost in the Dali Triangle"

"My One-Night Stand With Shakespeare"

"A Novel Idea"

"Western improv isn’t just a bunch of horsing around"

"A League of Their Own"

"Age no barrier to seniors studying for bat mitzvahs"

"Who Ya Gunna Call?"

This is Your Mom on Drugs

"Spend more time, not money, on kids"

"This Is Your Mom on Drugs"

"What in the Dickens!"

"When a criminal is also a victim"

"The Real Barber of Seville"

I Suck At Girls

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